Public Safety and Information Handouts

PMC is committed to providing a workplace that protects our workers and the communities that we are a part of. A key part of this includes the exchange of information between PMC, communities, and responders so that everyone is clear on what to do if an emergency occurs.

PMC is required by regulation to inform landowners and communities of what actions to take in case of an emergency. Through our Public Awareness and Public Consultations programs, we reach out to thousands of stakeholders each year who may be affected by our operations and associated emergency planning zones.

For landowners, first responders, local and government agencies, indigenous communities and members of the public who need to be contacted directly if an emergency occurs, PMC conducts public outreach programs that provides specific information about the operations in their community:

  • Emergency notification

  • Public protection measures that may be taken

  • Pipeline safety, including operational details and hazards for the assets in the local area

Public Information Handouts

Please see below for PMC's public information handouts.

PMC Aurora Pipeline  

PMC Bodo Pipeline System 

PMC Buck Creek Fractionation Facility

PMC Co-Ed Pipeline System 

PMC Eastern Area Pipeline, Sarnia Fractionation Facility and Windsor Storage Facility

PMC Empress NGL Extraction Facility

PMC Empress 6 Facility

PMC Empress-Kerrobert Pipeline System

PMC Fort Saskatchewan Pipeline System

PMC High Prairie Fractionation Facility

PMC Kerrobert NGL Facility

PMC Manito Pipeline System

PMC PPTC Pipeline  

PMC Rainbow Pipeline System 

PMC Rainbow II Pipeline System

PMC Rangeland Pipeline System

PMC South Saskatchewan Pipeline System (SSPL) 

PMC Wascana Pipeline System 


Landowner and Developer Safety

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Damage Prevention Program

Click or Call Before You Dig 

Land Use Planning and Urban Development

Signs of Product Release

Public Awareness


Call PMC’s 24-hour Emergency Response at 1-866-875-2554 if you suspect a problem related to our pipelines or facilities.


Keeping current contact information is critical to a quick and effective response. PMC regularly updates contact information through in-person visits and by telephone. All personal information collected is kept confidential. If an emergency occurs where public safety actions may be required, PMC will make direct contact with potentially impacted members of the public, communities, local and government agencies, and first responders. This can happen by telephone or in-person visits.

In the event of an emergency, PMC will have several ways that the general public-at-large can find out more information as updates to the situation become available. This may include the PMC website and toll-free phone numbers.

As part of its initial incident response activities, PMC follows a formalized process to identify and evaluate potential receptors at risk due to the incident, including members of the public and and potential drinking water sources. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation and the potential risk to a receptor, PMC will undertake appropriate monitoring and/or mitigation measures to ensure the protection of these receptors. This will include air monitoring to ensure the public is not at risk.

At all stages of the incident response, PMC strives to ensure that receptors are protected and impacts are prevented and minimized. In the event drinking water is impacted, PMC will work with the water supply operator to provide alternate sources of clean water and water treatment, if and as necessary.


If You Are Contacted by PMC

Public Safety is the top priority for PMC. Working with local authorities and other responders, actions are taken to make sure public safety is maintained at all time while responding to an incident. If a release occurs, air monitoring is used to determine which public safety actions should be taken. If a PMC representative contacts you in the event of an emergency, they will provide instructions on what you should do.