Shelter In Place

Shelter-in-place is a viable public-protection measure where PMC may ask residents to seek immediate shelter in their home and remain there during an emergency when:

  • the public is at higher risk if evacuated
  • there is insufficient time or warning to safely evacuate
  • people are waiting for evacuation assistance
  • the release is limited in size and/or duration
  • the location of the release is not identified

Note: Shelter-in-place is not viable for recreational vehicles or campers due to the absence of a permanent shelter.

If you cannot evacuate and are advised to stay sheltered, do not leave your house/building or attempt to start any vehicles until a PMC representative advises you that it is safe to do so. The following steps should be taken if shelter-in-place procedures are required:

  • Immediately gather everyone indoors and stay there.
  • Close and lock all windows and outside doors. If possible, tape any gaps around exterior door frames.
  • Extinguish indoor wood-burning fires and close flue dampers.
  • Turn off anything that circulates air, such as:
    • furnaces
    • gas stoves
    • gas fireplaces
    • clothes dryers
    • air conditioners
    • bathroom and kitchen fans
    • built-in vacuum systems
    • ventilators
  • Leave all inside doors open.
  • Wait in an interior upstairs room for further instructions.
  • Avoid using the telephone, except for emergencies, so that you can be contacted by PMC's emergency response personnel.
  • Call PMC if you are experiencing symptoms or smelling odours. Advise the representative if you have contacted any government agencies, so response efforts can be coordinated.
  • Stay tuned to local media for information updates.
  • Even if you see people outside, do not leave until told to do so.
  • If you are unable to follow these instructions, please notify PMC's emergency response personnel.

After the hazard has passed through the area you will receive an “all clear” message from PMC's emergency response personnel along with instructions to ventilate your home/building by opening windows and doors, turning on fans, and turning up thermostats.