Worker Safety

Safety is an integral part of PMC’s culture. We strive to foster and support a culture that puts the highest priority on employee and public safety as well as protection of the environment. We achieve this by maintaining the integrity of our assets, preventing damage to our pipelines and facilities, and ensuring we are competent in emergency preparedness.

Our Commitment to Worker Safety

Safety is one of our core values, which means:

  • We believe most incidents are preventable.
  • We identify work hazards, reduce risks and follow our Safety Life Rules without question.
  • We investigate incidents when they happen, identify root causes and share lessons learned to prevent reoccurrence.

CEPA Safety Culture Survey

One of the initiatives we have undertaken over the past few years is participation in the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA) Safety Culture Survey. PMC also took part in a CEPA facilitated roundtable discussion in 2016 to share findings and identify common areas for improvement.

We continue to work with CEPA to implement programs and processes to complement those findings. For example, we strengthened programs which allow leaders the opportunity to recognize employees for proactive safety behaviour.

Office Safety Week

PMC holds an annual Office Safety Week. The program was initiated by employees in our Calgary office who wanted to demonstrate solidarity with our field operations and our commitment to safety. It helps us take a fresh look at our surroundings and identify hazards to which we’ve become “blind.” Activities during Office Safety Week range from daily safety moments to individual and team workspace hazard identification inspections.

Safety Leader Award

These awards proactively recognize employees or contractors who set an excellent example as a Safety Leader to their colleagues through proactive, thoughtful and consistent safe behaviour. They are nominated by their peers or supervisors, and the value of the award is proportional to the safety leadership demonstrated by the individual.

Good Catch Awards

To help promote safe behaviours, we reward individuals who proactively identify and report a hazardous condition which could potentially prevent an incident. The value of the award is proportional to the risk associated with the hazard being mitigated as well as the impact of the learning across the business.