Stakeholder Engagement and Continuing Education

Communication with the public, first responders, and government agencies is a critical component to our Emergency Management program.

Communication with the public, first responders, Indigenous communities, local authorities and government agencies is a critical component to our EMP. Communication takes place annually during the development and upkeep of our ERPs in order to confirm roles and responsibilities, as well as to make sure key contact information is available in the event of an emergency. Consultation and public outreach also gives PMC an opportunity to provide information on our operations and take area-specific considerations into account when developing and maintaining ERPs.

In addition, information is collected from stakeholders who either live or work within designated EPZs or other hazard areas so we can contact them immediately in the event of an emergency. All information is updated annually and kept confidential in accordance with all privacy legislation.

Consulting and communicating with first responders and government agencies during the planning stage allows everyone to be on the “same page” when it comes to shared roles and responsibilities before an emergency occurs.

When an emergency does occur, PMC’s incident management system has specific positions in place to make sure communication with potentially affected members of the public, first responders, indigenous communities, and government agencies takes place and is working the way it should be.

In addition to the incident management system, a crisis communication plan is in place and works together to make sure information is going to the right people in a timely manner.


Continuing Education

Continuing education is critical to ensuring everyone who is potentially involved in an emergency understands the various safety procedures that are in place for the protection of everyone.

In order to ensure First Responders can respond to PMC emergency situations safely and effectively, PMC will provide the following information through continuing education sessions:

  • Company operations and specific area operations information applicable to the audience.

  • PMC’s emergency management program including ERPs, equipment, training and exercises, spill control points (if applicable) and the public consultation program.

  • Product hazard awareness information associated with an emergency on PMC operating assets.

  • Practices and procedures to be followed in event of an emergency including understanding roles, responsibilities and capabilities as well as communications protocols.


In accordance with Canada Energy Regulator (CER) Order MO-002-2017 (the Order), PMC has made Emergency Management Program information available on its website for public viewing. Links to additional Emergency Management Program information are provided below:

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Emergency Response Plans

Training and Exercises

Incident Management

What to do in an Emergency


Contact Us:

If you have any (non-emergency) questions about our PMC's emergency response program or ERPs, please call our Community Response line at 1-866-670-8073 or fill out the form below.