Community Relations

Plains Midstream Canada (PMC) believes the foundation of long-term and mutually beneficial relationships is trust and respect, which is achieved through clear communication, transparency of objectives, and a shared sense of responsibility.

Plains Midstream Canada (PMC) has assets close to numerous communities across Canada and the United States. Our employees live and work in and around these communities.

PMC engages stakeholders and communities near our right-of-ways and facilities who may be affected by our operations including landowners, governments, regulatory agencies, municipal associations, customers, employees, contractors, business partners, environmental organizations and other special interest groups. We also pursue strong relationships with Aboriginal communities near our operations. Our relationships with these stakeholders are important to us.

PMC has developed processes and guidelines to engage stakeholders, through open and honest communication based on respectful dialogue. The key to this dialogue is a recognition that those affected by our business have a right to be informed about company activities, to be involved in issues and opportunities that affect them and to participate in an open engagement process.

We are committed to developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, to engage in our communities, and respond to inquiries in an accurate and timely manner.

If you have any questions or concerns about PMC's community relations and stakeholder engagement practices, please call our Community Response line at 1-866-670-8073 or email us at