Public Awareness

We aim to equip communities and stakeholders with accurate, reliable and up-to-date information in regards to living and working near pipelines.

At PMC, we understand and appreciate the importance of being a good neighbour, year round. Because our pipelines might cross under or near your land, or in proximity to where you live, or work we want you to have all the information you need to live and work safely around our system as safety is our top priority.

Public awareness activities allow infrastructure owners to provide information to various stakeholders such as landowners, municipalities, developers etc. with information about buried pipelines on their land or in vicinity to their development activities.  Public awareness is vital for a mature Damage Prevention program to be successful. Our program seeks to equip communities and stakeholders with accurate, reliable and up-to-date information in regards to our pipelines, to raise the awareness of underground infrastructure and safe ground disturbance practices, all while educating stakeholders on their role in damage prevention.  

Ground disturbance activities that occur without our knowledge or consent, such as construction or excavation, are dangerous and pose a significant risk to public safety.

PMC’s Public Awareness team is dedicated to the education and promotion of all activities relating to a Damage Prevention program, including:

  • The use of One-Call services;

  • How and when to request permissions to perform ground disturbance near pipelines;

  • What activities pipeline companies take to protect our pipeline systems such as air and ground patrols, inline inspection, etc;

  • Reporting of any contact or damage to pipelines from a ground disturbance; and

  • How to identify and the actions to be taken in the unlikely event of an emergency.

We are committed to engaging in open dialogue with our neighbours, conduct operations in a manner that protects the people who live and work near our pipeline systems and care for the surrounding environment. Through awareness, adherence to safety precautions and open communication about any concerns or issues, you can help prevent incidents and minimize their impacts.  

If you have questions about our Public Awareness program or would like to request safety information, please email us at

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