Our People

At PMC, we connect our network of approximately 1,200 people and our assets to safely deliver exceptional results. We rely on our core values and beliefs to inspire and guide our team. These values include:

  • Safety and Environmental Stewardship: We conduct our operations and business in a manner that is safe for employees, contractors and the environment.
  • Ethics and Integrity: In our dealings within and outside of the company, we do the right thing, obey the law and act with the highest levels of honesty, ethics and integrity.
  • Accountability: In conducting our business, we are accountable to each other, our investors, our customers and our other stakeholders, including the communities where we live and work.
  • Respect and Fairness: We treat each other and our stakeholders fairly and with respect.

PMC operates assets and facilities in both Canada and the United States and, as we grow, so do the opportunities for our employees. Meet some of our people and hear about their experiences in this exciting industry.


“It is incredibly rewarding to know that the work you do truly matters and has an impact on the company and in the community.”


Leanna, Stakeholder Relations

“Over the past four years, I have realized that becoming a successful leader is about contributing to the growth of others.”

Shamiso, Fixed Assets Accounting