With access to more than 720 trailers and approximately 4,200 railcars, PMC's network of pipelines, fleets of trucks and railcars provide oil and gas producers with flexibility for transporting crude oil, condensate, NGL and brine.

Truck Transportation

Since PMC owns our trailers, lease operators are contracted to provide and operate the power units required to pull the trailers. PMC is committed to trucking safety, we require all drivers to achieve specific safety and first-aid training standards.

Rail Transportation

All PMC terminals have access to an onsite laboratory to test the product being shipped by rail so that it is properly labelled for safety during transport. Regular sampling informs operators of any changes in the product, especially its volatility. PMC’s rail safety and commodity testing practices meet compliance in all of the applicable regulatory jurisdictions we operate in for the safe transportation and delivery of dangerous goods by rail.