Notification and Evacuation


If you are contacted by Plains Midstream Canada to advise you of an emergency situation, the caller will:

  • Identify themselves by name.

  • Announce that they are a Plains Midstream Canada representative.

  • Describe the problem and what is being done.

  • Give you instructions to protect your safety (shelter / evacuation).

  • Verify the information you have provided.

  • Address any concerns which you may have.

  • Provide a telephone number which you can call to get additional information.



If it is necessary to evacuate, you will be contacted immediately. If there is no answer, PMC's response personnel will come to your residence to inform you of the situation. If you need assistance we will make sure you get assistance. The following steps should be taken if evacuation is required:

  • Gather everyone who resides in the household and bring any medications as required.

  • Turn down the thermostat.

  • Lock all windows and doors.

  • Turn off any air exchange fans outside.

  • Response personnel will provide you with the safest evacuation routes and directions to a suitable local reception centre; reception centres are located a safe distance from the incident site and are temporary shelters for evacuees. PMC will provide assistance if you need it.

  • Drive safely on the route provided and proceed directly to the reception centre.

  • Register yourself and all other members of your household at the reception centre.

  • Reception centre staff will provide additional information or further instructions.

  • Depending on the emergency situation, evacuees can choose to leave the reception centre (if it is safe to do so) after registering and providing their contact information.