With operations in eight Canadian provinces and over 40 states, Plains Midstream Canada has high standards for all contractors and suppliers.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is responsible for helping execute growth projects, maintenance, and operations by obtaining the right products, at the right time, for the most cost-effective solution, through a structured procurement process. Category strategies, project contracting and procurement plans, Master Service agreements, and general contract negotiations are the responsibility of SCM.

Our procurement process is designed to be structured and fair. It helps us identify business needs, assess the market conditions, identify appropriate suppliers, and award work to meet commercial and operational requirements.

Supplier Prequalification:

  • All site service providers, medium and high risk contractors require prequalification by ISNetworld.
  • Preliminary review of company information by SCM to determine if there is a need for the service.
  • Business units are engaged for review and have access to database of existing vendors and contracts.
  • Vendors working at site are to be registered are to be registered with ISNetworld and have an acceptable grade of C or higher.

If this is in regards to becoming a vendor for Plains, please complete the information located on our vendor registration website.