Safety Checklist

A pipeline is installed within a strip of land called the right-of-way (ROW). For your own safety and to minimize the risk of unintentionally causing damage to underground pipelines, follow these important steps when planning work on the ROW:

  • Check the site and surrounding area for pipeline warning signs, ROW signs, or marker posts
  • Call the one-call system in your area or submit a locate request online to locate the exact position of the pipeline
  • Be on site when the pipeline is located to understand all of the signs and pipeline markers
  • Determine the exact location of the work and check site records for confirmation of pipeline construction or buried facilities
  • If you identify a pipeline belonging to PMC, contact us to obtain written approval for the work
  • Provide PMC with at least three working days’ notice prior to starting the work; this will allow PMC to take any necessary precautions in preparation for the work
  • When you are approved to begin work, expose the pipeline by hand before mechanically disturbing the ground within three metres of the pipeline
  • Notify PMC one working day before backfilling earth over the pipeline

Call PMC's 24-hour Emergency Response at 1-866-875-2554 if you suspect a problem related to our pipelines or facilities.