Pipeline Safety

The safety and protection of the public, employees, contractors, and the environment are top priorities for Plains Midstream Canada (PMC). PMC's Environment, Health and Safety Policy requires that we conduct our operations in a manner that protects the people who live and work near our pipeline systems, facilities and the surrounding environment.

Being a Good Neighbour

As a neighbour operating pipelines and associated facilities in communities throughout Canada and the United States, the safety of those working on and living near our pipelines is important to us. PMC has comprehensive pipeline integrity management programs in place for all of our systems, which include:

  • Monitoring our pipelines remotely, 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our Olds Control Centre
  • Patrolling the pipelines regularly
  • Marking road and pipeline crossings
  • Adhering to regulatory requirements for pipeline integrity, design, and soil cover
  • Implementing corrosion protection

We are responsible operators who respect our neighbours and the land. We notify landowners and residents of planned maintenance work along our pipelines and at our facilities as well as share important safety information, so our neighbours can conduct their own recreational or maintenance activities in a safe manner.

PMC is committed to working with our shared land use neighbours. We believe proper land use management near or adjacent to a pipeline right-of-way (ROW) can prevent incidents and help us maintain our commitment to public safety.

For more information on Pipeline Safety, visit The Canadian Energy Pipeline Association.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any (non-emergency) questions about our pipeline systems or facilities, please call our community response line at 1-866-670-8073 or email us.

Call PMC's 24-hour Emergency Response at 1-866-875-2554 if you suspect a problem related to our pipelines or facilities.