In An Emergency

While companies work to ensure incident-free operations, incidents can happen. In the event of an emergency or product release, pipeline operators are trained to shut down systems quickly and safely, and to immediately dispatch crews to the site. If an incident has occurred, the on-site responders will ensure life safety, protection of the environment, and stabilization of the incident. Then, in conjunction with the appropriate regulatory and government agencies, they take all necessary steps to clean up the area and take any remediation measures necessary to restore the site to its previous state.

If You Suspect a Problem

If you encounter signs of an NGL or crude oil pipeline release, or any other unusual sights, sounds, or smells near a pipeline location (or a facility), follow these steps:

  • Shut off any equipment operating on or near the pipeline (including cell phones)
  • Extinguish any tobacco products or any ignited material in the area
  • Leave the area immediately and move to a safe location at least 800 metres (half a mile) upwind from the suspected release site
  • Call 911, then call PMC’s 24-Hour Emergency Response at 1-866-875-2554
  • Avoid touching, breathing, or contacting leaking liquids
  • Warn others to stay away

When a call is received, PMC's emergency response personnel are notified and dispatched to the area to safely manage the situation. PMC will work with the appropriate regulatory authorities and other local authorities where applicable to manage the response and cleanup. If an emergency occurs within a facility, plant operators are also trained to quickly shut down systems and respond to the incident, as outlined in the facility-specific emergency response plan. If necessary, PMC's emergency response personnel will contact effected stakeholders and advise on the appropriate public protection measures. This could include either shelter-in-place or evacuation procedures.

Call PMC’s 24-hour Emergency Response at 1-866-875-2554 if you suspect a problem related to our pipelines or facilities.