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Plains Midstream Canada

Plains Midstream Canada
Head Office
Suite 1400, 607 Eighth Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 0A7

Main Phone: 403-298-2100
Main Fax: 403-233-0399
Toll Free Switchboard: 1-866-343-5182

24-hour Toll-free Emergency Hotline

In case of an actual or suspected crude oil pipeline, crude oil terminal, or liquefied petroleum gas facility emergency, please contact Plains Midstream Canada’s 24-hour toll-free emergency hotline: 1-866-875-2554.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, email us or call 1-866-754-7422.
For media resources, see our Media section.

Bulk Commodities and Truck Transportation

Paul Peterson, Director, Truck Transportation: 403-450-1245

Jamie MacMillan , Director, Bulk Commodities Transport: 587-233-4413

Chantal Renaud, Manager, Commercial Rail Freight: 403-365-7300

Murray Yates, Manager, Truck Transportation South: 403-451-3450

Robert Kaupp, Manager, Truck Transportation North: 403-450-1255

Sheena Brister, Specialist, Rail Car Fleet: 403-298-2131

Commercial Crude Oil Supply and Marketing

Kevin Madden, Director, Crude Oil Supply: 403-298-2112

Neil Lyons, Director, Crude Oil Trading: 403-450-1235

Steven Duckett, Director, Diluent Trading: 403-450-1216

David Phipps, Specialist, Crude Oil Scheduling: 403-451-1040

Max Barkley, Scheduler, Crude Oil and Diluent Trading: 403-365-7314

Commercial Pipeline Development & Logistics

Dan Hickey, Director, Pipeline Business Development: 403-298-2119


Elizabeth Hobday, Manager, Scheduling & Tariffs: 403-298-2156

Dan Berry, Specialist, Commercial Regulatory and Tariffs 403-450-1280

Janice Wong, Specialist, Scheduling: 587-233-4480

Mark Souvannavong, Specialist, Scheduling: 403-450-1272

Molly McCutcheon, Scheduler, Scheduling: 403-451-1041

NGL Supply and Marketing

Brad Kroeker, Director, NGL Supply: 403-450-1242

Allan Randall, Manager, East Facilities Optimization: 587-233-4485

Logan Johnson, Trader, Propane: 403-365-7359

Steve Ball, Director, Propane: 403-451-1088

John DeJean, Director, U.S. Propane: 800-888-4810

Jason Sedlacek, Manager, West Propane: 800-888-4810

Mike Peschong, Manager, Southeast Propane: 605-260-3594

Adam Lave, Manager, East Propane: 403-233-5800

Irfan Amjad, Trader, Propane Marketing: 403-218-2767

Bryan Lachambre, Trader, Propane Marketing: 587-233-4317

John Kraft, Manager, U.S. Propane Scheduling: 800-488-4810

Jennifer King, Manager, LPG Scheduling: 403-365-7356

Glenn Moore, Director, Butane: 403-365-7324

Kevin Murphy, Manager, Canadian Butane: 403-803-1458

Brett Sieben, Trader, US West Butane: 587-233-4433

Andrew Murray, Director, Ethane Trading & Straddle Plant Supply: 403-451-1035

Jared Gurevitch, Manager, Ethane Trading & Straddle Plant Supply: 587-233-5813

Brent Sembinelli, Trader, West Butane: 403-365-7303

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management:

If you would like to do business with Plains, please visit our Suppliers section for more information.

Approved suppliers can access information by logging into the contractor portal.