Rainbow Pipeline Incident

In the 22 months since the release, ongoing inspections have confirmed that remediation activities are complete. Third-party remediation and reclamation experts inspect the site and assess the monitoring results to confirm the absence of contamination.

Ongoing inspections show that reclamation continues to progress well. Aerial patrols and on-the-ground monitoring and testing of the remediated release footprint are ongoing and will continue throughout the winter months.

Plains remains committed to completing a comprehensive site clean-up, and will ensure the land is restored to meet applicable environmental standards.

To view updated photos taken at the site, visit the Photos & Media page.

From the early days of the response in spring 2011, many work hours have gone into the extensive clean-up activities and remediation efforts that have brought the site to its first year of reclamation. To view the full extent of the response efforts, images on the Photos and Media page include:

  • initial and ongoing clean-up activities
  • wildlife deterrent measures
  • oil recovery efforts
  • soil removal
  • site demobilization for winter
  • remediated footprint in early 2012
  • final reclamation stages
  • wildlife returning to the site
  • current state

To learn more about the current monitoring of the site, view the videos taken on October 15, 2012 include:

  • former command centre
  • north access road
  • pipeline right of way
  • pond area
  • ground water wells
  • white spruce seedlings

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